A self taught artist from central Virginia, Christion Roney, has developed his skills from a very young age. Christion began painting in the summer of 2016, and has since been able to start a business selling his artwork. Instagram serves as his primary means of attracting customers.

While canvas paintings comprise the majority of his portfolio, Christion is also proficient in digital artwork, sneaker customization and wood burning.

While much of his work surrounds anime and cartoons, Christion has since taken a step away from said subject matter. He still creates pieces involving anime; however, his focus has shifted toward different types of art and expanding his clientele.

In August of 2019, Christion became the official Graphic Artist for recording artist Bryce Williams. He has also created pieces for NFL players, Teddy Bridgewater, Sean Mannion, and Ian Thomas, as well as Vans Skater, Gilbert Crockett.

Christion prides himself in superior craftsmanship and customer service. His goal is simply to create cool things for cool people, and to improve his skills daily.

He is currently open for commissions.


Instagram: @ChrisCanvas